for 1 kilo Burfee
900g klim milk powder
1 big tin nestle dessert cream
130g butter [just a little over
quarter pound]
1 1/2 cups icing sugar1 1/2 cups
ordinary sugar
2 cups water
10 ml crushed cardamom
10 ml fine cardamom
1/2 cup ground almonds


Mix powdered milk and cream together so
that the mixture resembles fine

Put small amounts in a coffee grinder
and process for about 40-60 sec.

Keep doing this until all the mixture
has been processedPut in a dish, add
both types of cardamom
[Elachi (cardomom)
] and ground almonds to mixIn a
large enamel or waterless pot mix the
2 kinds of sugars and water and let the
sugar dissolvePut on heat and add
butter, and when sugar and butter is
well dissolved {after about 2 mins of
boiling time}

add a drop rose essence optional
{takes about 3-4 mins)
Becareful don’t scorch it !

Switch off heat and quickly add the
klim powdered milk and almond mix.
Mix well with a spoon til mixture is
well mixed(should look like a thick
cake batter)
Remove mix from stove and allow to cool
in potCover pot with lid and allow to
rest for 12-15 hrs
Beat burfee mixture in a cake mixer for
a few mins, it should look soft but
firm enough to shape otherwise massage
properly with your hand till soft put
in nozzle set in small cookie cups
otherwise scoop with ice cream scoop
and set round on fancy platters .

Decorate with coloured almonds /or
1000 and 1s sweets or silver sweets or
however you want.

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