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Bismihi Ta’ala

Allah Ta’ala declares in the Glorious Qur’an: This day I have perfected for you your Deen, and I have completed my favour upon you and I am pleased with Islam as your religion. (Surah Maaidah 5/4)

This Aayat, which was revealed on the occasion of Hajjatul Wada’ (the Farewell Pilgrimage) informs us of the perfectness of our Deen.

The pure and perfect Deen of Allah Ta’ala is to continue to the last day in its pristine purity and perfectness. For the preservation of Deen, Allah Ta’ala has used his servants in every era, who expounded the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. They propagated the correct Aqaaid (beliefs) and the proper understanding of Deen as conveyed by the Sahaaba (Radiyallahu Anhum) and the pious predecessors.

To this end, we at Tablighuddeen Publications strive to provide to you, The Muslim Ummah, A Choice Selection of Motivational and Spiritually Enriching Articles regarding the different aspects of Islam and Muslims in general, keeping up with the advice of our Elders, “Learn Deen, Practice Deen, Propagate Deen and make others do the same”.

This website is thus a humble effort to present the teachings of the Aslaaf (pious predecessors) from authentic sources.

May Allah Ta’ala accept it and make it a means of benefit for the Ummah.


The Tablighuddeen Team

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