Addiction to BBM & other Social Networks

A psychologist made the following comment regarding BBM ( which also refers to other forms of social networks ) –

“BBM forces the brain to switch on and off constantly.

It drains you mentally and results in reduced attention span and hyperactivity.

People panic if they don’t receive at least 5 messages a minute, and if they forget their phone somewhere, they become restless.”

In today’s times, the BBM has become the no. 1 cause for breakdown in marriages and drop in performance of students.

You can’t have a decent conversation with a person without Ping Ping interrupting you,

and due to the many misunderstandings arising from text messages which could’ve easily been avoided in a friendly face-to-face conversation, most of your time is wasted in explaining yourself.

In addition, the addict is afflicted with the following ailments:

One becomes a social outcast.

He forgets how to meet people, maintain eye-contact and have a meaningful conversation due to lack of social interaction.

This harms his relationships.

It takes you away from the reality around you.

Things can be happening around you which may affect you, but you are not mentally in tune with your surroundings.

You can not respond to them.

Information becomes “disposable” and holds no value anymore.

It’s just a matter of “open and delete”

You lose your thinking capacity so much so that you believe any nonsense sent to you like “if you don’t forward this, you will die in three days”


If you feel you are addicted to your smartphone, here is some useful advice for you:

Don’t take the phone to the toilet with you. It will not assist in relieving yourself.

Don’t take it to the Masjid. It won’t establish a better contact for you with the Almighty.

Don’t sleep with it under your pillow. It won’t allow you to see your dreams in 3D.

Don’t respond to it if you are conversing with someone. It will not guide you to say the right words.

Don’t have it on your side whilst having supper. It’s not a bottle of tomato sauce.

In conclusion, don’t use technology in such a way that you destroy your natural qualities of interaction with people in general and more IMPORTANTLY, do NOT use technology to disobey the Commands of Allah thus destroying your Aakhirath.

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