Equally Fardh

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“We have to give a lot of importance to the all Faraiz of Deen. I know many of you can say that ‘all my life I never even touched one paisa of another person’s money’. Alhamdolillah.

That’s great. But how many of you can say ‘all my life I never made one glance at another person’s woman’?.

Because anyone you look at, she’s someone else’s mehram. She’s someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s wife. You would say that ‘what to talk about taking another person’s money, I’ve never even thought about taking it’. But can you say ‘what to talk of casting a glance at a ghair-mehram, I’ve never even thought of it’.

As Farz as the first thing is, the second is equally Farz. We have to realize it’s importance. And if we don’t know these things, that what all is Farz, we should learn this immediately.

We should take some time off work and go to an Aalim and ask him to teach us at least that much that we can do Amal on the Faraiz of Deen.”

• *From a talk by _Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed db_* •

(transcribed and translated later from memory so not his exact words)

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