70 Tawaaf in one day

The spirit in which Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Saab Rahmatullah ‘Alaih performed his Hajj was unique.

The difficulties and hardships he underwent were indeed a sign of his deep love for the mubarak lands and is experienced only by those special servants of Allah Ta’ala.

He travelled by ship which made him dizzy but despite this with great difficulty he would stand and perform his salaah.

Muhtharam Haji Bundu Saahib once travelled wit Hadhrat Rahmatullah Alaih for hajj. He says,” My seat was very close to Hadhrats on the ship, throughout the night he would be engaged in salaah. I tried very hard to discover him asleep but not once did this happen..”

One can imagine if this was the Mujaahadah ( sacrifice ) that he underwent on his way to the beloved, what must have been his condition when he reached the holy lands.

A very reliable source once mentioned that Hadhrat Rahmatullah Alaih used to make upto 50 tawaafs in one day and on some days upto 70 tawaaf.

Courtesy of Al Mahmoodiyah BBM Group, via www.Tablighuddeen.Com

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