Don’t over do it with the social networks!

When our children are crying for us,


our spouses irritated with us and everyone complaining about us whilst we are busy clicking away on our mobiles, iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, Tablets, laptops or computers etc


Then we should know that we are overdoing it. We must draw a line and have limits, prioritise and fulfil our duties, relate well with those we live with before those in the cyber world and be strict with ourselves in this regard.


It is very easy to lose track of time, or ignore our own children, spouses and family members without realising what pain we are causing them by wasting time on such things. Some people jump at the beep of their devices to respond at any time of the day or night as though the world would come to an end if they didn’t, whilst others smile and laugh more with their devices than the real people living with them.


Some have turned the clocks upside down by staying awake most of the night clicking away and then sleeping during the day. Unlimited obsession with such devices or the internet can easily break up otherwise good homes and lead children onto the wrong path.


Let’s all ask ourselves if we are guilty and then make sure we place controls on ourselves.

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