Profile Pics!

Please take a minute to read the following Nasiha !


NABI  SallAllahu Alaihi Wasallam has prohibited us from taking photographs of animate objects.


Like every other law of Islam, this prohibition too has numerous wisdoms behind it.


Today, not only has photography  become customary amongst a vast majority of Muslims, but together with that, it has become a norm to put pictures of oneself, ones spouse and ones kids as “display pictures” on social networks such as facebook, twitter, mxit, BBM etc.


Apart from committing a grave sin, we often don’t realize how dangerous this can be to ourselves and our loved ones. Not every person that gazes at the picture does so with a good intention.


Not every person that looks at that cute picture of your little baby says Masha Allah La Quwwata Illa Billah. It is not far fetched that shaitaan will whisper into the ears of the person looking at the picture, who will then glance with an ‘evil eye’.


We have been warned by  NABI  SallAllahu alaihi wasallam  “al aynu haqq” in other words ‘nazr’ is true and a reality. We should, from now on heed this warning in order to protect ourselves and our family.


Please do not allow the suffering of your loved ones to be a result of your own actions.


Take heed before its too late.


May  Allah grant us all the understanding and may the Almighty protect us from jealousy and the evil of mankind.



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