Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

Unfortunately it is that time of the year again when people forget the true objective of life and while their time away in frivolous activities…..

Has it ever occurred to us that the game of cricket can be compared to our lives in this world?

In the game of cricket the batsmen will do his utmost to protect his wicket from the ball delivered by the bowler. In a similar manner man, in the game of life, must do his utmost to protect his Imaan, from the attack of bowler Shaytaan, who has promised Allah that he will concentrate his efforts in bow1ing down your Imaan. The Quran in Surah ‘Araaf (Surah 7 Verse 17) bears testimony to this “Then I will approach them (mankind) from before them and from behind them, from their right and from their left”

In cricket the bowler varies his pace, length and type of delivery in order to beat the batsman. Bowler Shaytaan also does the same:

Ball number one may come in the form of making you neglect Salaah.
Ball number two may be an instigation towards becoming vulgar and abusive.
Ball number three may be a suggestion to cheat and be fraudulent.
Ball number four may be an impulse to disobey ones parents.
Ball number five may be temptation towards Zina.
Ball number six may be a real googly -just when you feel that you’re treading the right path, Shaytaan inspires you with righteous pride and contempt for those you perceive as being less pious.

The batsman needs to deflect and strike Shaytaan with the bat of Islam. And like the cricket batsman you need to be alert and quick on your feet.

Like the World Cup, man is playing a match of limited overs. You just don’t know how many overs you are going to last, whether you will be run out or what will be the last ball that you will face. Once you’re out, you’re out.

The only runs that count are those that you make during the game, no matter how well you play after your innings. it does not change your score. After death man’s plight is the same, man will plead to Allah to send him back to the game of life:

“O my Lord send me back that I may do a good deed” (Surah 23 Verse 98-99)

During the game the batsman is safe only when he is positioned in his crease. So too is a Muslim safe when he is positioned within the Shariah.

Remember, the game of life has no second innings.

The time to turn to Allah is now before it is too late.

So, instead of wondering who will take the “cup”, let us make an effort that we ourselves and the entire mankind are honoured with drinking from the “cup” of Kauthar on the Day of Qiyamat,


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