Hysterical bbm’ers

With the growing trend of social networks and smart phones the chances of rumours, lies and misinformed information going viral are increasing….

Before you forward a message take the time to verify the information. If you are not certain that the information is hundred percent correct don’t press the send button.

Many broadcast are old messages that are recycled and calling for action for events that happened  years ago and some that are clearly hoax.

If you really feel the compulsion to still forward the message, at least send the source of this information so the next person can make an informed decision and not be a sponge that’s just absorbing.

Let’s stop being hysterical bbm’ers that aim to cause paranoia, craziness and just general chaos.

As the Holy Quran cautions us:“O you who believe! If a Faasiq comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done” [al-Hujuraat 49:6]

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