from the discourses of Moulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Damat Barakatuhum)
The Angels are Sinless – not Pious

It is not correct to call Jibra’îl a Muttaqi . You can call him sinless. We can say angels are sinless but we cannot say they are pious. A pious person is one who has the urge to sin but he abstains and endures the grief of not sinning. Taqwa is to prevent the Nafs from evil desires. Angels do not have evil desires. Therefore, it is correct to call the angels sinless but it it not correct to call them Muttaqi.

Man is Blessed with Prophethood

The angels do not know what is sin. They do not have the ability to understand it. Therefore, prophets were chosen from humans so that they can understand all human requirements. Angels cannot reform human souls because they lack the ability to understand the needs of man. They are not made into prophets. Therefore Allah has sent us to this world with the urge to sin. When we have the urge, we are commanded to suppress it and endure the grief of not sinning. On the field of Reckoning we can tell Allah that we endured much grief for His sake. When Allah asks, “What did you bring?” we can say, “O Allah , we had a great urge to sin which troubled us but we endured grief in Your path in order to please You.” Present the stains of the heart to Allah.

“I have lost the stains of the heart and earned the spring of life.

I lost the whole garden for the sake of one moist flower.

We broke thousands of moons and suns.

Then only did He show me His suitable side.”

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