Hakeemul Ummah Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Sahib رحمه الله has mentioned that how a person speaks reflects the condition of the heart. Hazrat Thaanwi رحمه الله further said that the effect of the heart is reflected in an illuminated countenance. The one who does not perform Salaah (or anyone who is involved in any form of transgression) will have a lustreless look on his face due to the darkness of rebellion. Even worse is that many do not feel the effects of transgression due to them being habitual in sin. 

One can ascertain his/her spiritual condition on examining the restlessness of the heart. When the heart is affected (by sin), a feeling of anxiety overcomes one. When one is habitual in sins, he becomes reckless and advertises his rebellion.

May Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله grant each and every one of us pure hearts do that we submit to the injunctions of Deen in every aspect of our lives.

آمين يارب العالمين

Hafez Qaasim Paruk Saab Hafizahullah

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