We saw the skeletons in his cupboard, what do we do?

Tell the world and make sure pictures are taken too!

Bring him down, destroy his every chance to repent,

Make sure his sins, to every corner of the world, is sent!

There must be no place on earth that he can show his face,

People must know that he is a nobody, one without any grace!

While we are it, his family should be investigated as well,

Dig for every fault, look for every blemish and be the first to tell!

And then shake our heads, click our tongues and with “concern” and “sadness” say,

“I don’t know what happened to him, let us pray and hope he changes his way!”

Aah! When we were with Qura’an and Sunnah, we clipped the thorns and showed the rose,

But now with Facebook and Whatsapp, instead of the flower, the manure is what we expose!

Remember! This is not the Way of Deen, no matter how “intelligently” we explain,

Today, we exposed “so and so”, Tomorrow may be our turn to feel the pain!


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