Hazrat Mufti Taqi Uthmāni Sahib حفظه الله has mentioned an amazing interaction between himself and his honourable father Hazrat Mufti Shafi Sahib رحمه الله.  He says; “It was the habit of my father to always give beggars something. Once I was in the car with him. At a certain juncture, the car stopped. A beggar came and asked in a demanding voice.”

My father took out something from his pocket and handed it over to him.

I submitted: “My father, these type of beggars are generally not worthy of being granted money. Should we give them or not?”

The amazing answer which he stated is still engraved in the recesses of my heart. He said, “What you have said is correct. However, ponder, if we also have to receive from ALLAH TA’ALA جل جلاله according to our worth, then what will happen to us ?”
سبحان الله
(Received from the Khaanqah Maseehiyya Group)
When reading the above anecdote, should we not contemplate how disloyal & uncommitted  we are with regards to the injunctions of Deen? Yet, examine the sheer mercy of Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله where from our side are sins and from His side are innumerable mercies that are showered upon us.

We implore Allah Ta’ala that He continuously shower us with His mercies. At the same time, let us contemplate upon Allah Ta’ala’s sheer affection and compassion towards us. He never witholds any bounties due to our blatant disobedience. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the tawfeeq to be grateful in every facet of our lives.
امين يارب العالمين
Hafez Qaasim Paruk Saab Hafizahullah

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