Money Machine

Imagine if you are given a special money making machine.

It is manually operated. All you have to do is slide in a blank sheet of paper, turn the handle and a two hundred rand note emerges on the other side. This machine is given to you for only thirty days.

Nobody will be so foolish to store away the machine and turn it only on the twenty seventh night or the odd nights of the last ten days.

Rather, the moment one receives the machine, one will start turning the handle and the handle will only stop turning on the thirtieth day.

All the family members of one’s home will be given time, so that day and night the machine will be turning out notes.

More valuable than all of this is the special month of Ra madaan where every moment turns out eternal investments for us in the hereafter.

The height of ingratitude is that we neglect the blessed month or we restrict our worship to certain nights only.

– Al Haadi

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