Tableegh to ones family

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[Continuing from the talk of “Obligation of Tableegh”, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a says]

“…(Our condition is such that When) men come home, they have no concern except getting angry at their wives either due to food or for (not) ironing ones clothes (etc.).  They will not say a single religious thing to their families. Then the educated ones among these men will also ridicule their wives (for being uneducated) and will praise other modern women with heartbreaking words.

My contention is not so much with those men who are not religious, rather with those who are religious and regularly pray. They too do not fulfill this obligation to inform their families. They don’t keep account of their families’ activities; whether their wives or children prayed for the day or not; did they do anything contrary to Shariah or not? These people have made their perception that ‘we only need to rectify ourselves. This will attain us Jannat’.

This is a wrong thinking. They will be accountable of this action as well. They will be asked as to why they did not inform their family of deen. Allah Says clearly in Quran (Surah Tahreem, V6).

Yaa ayyahullazeena aamanoo! Qoo anfusakum wa ahleekum naaraa

O You who believe, Save yourself and your families from fire…

Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasallam has mentioned in one hadeeth,

kullukum raa’in, wa kullukum mas’oolun ‘an ra’iyyathihi

Each of you is a Sheppard, and each of you will be accountable for his flock…

( See Sahih Bukhari, Chapter regarding Jummah in a town, vol. 3, pg 414)

So do not think that this family will leave you just yet. If they will go to hellfire, they will take you along with them. (Hence start worrying on making tableegh to your families).

Khutbaat Hakeemul Ummat, vol. 13, pg.

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