Mufti Mahmood Saab’s Tawakkul On Allah


Courtesy of Al Mahmoodiyah BBM Group, via www.Tablighuddeen.Com

Hadrath Mufti Mahmood Saab’s Rahmatullah Alaih luggage and bedding on his first hajj consisted of one pillow case holding two sets clothing, one lungi, two pieces of ihraam, one lota and one umbrella.


In one hand he held this pillow case and in the other his umbrella and in this manner, he left for haj. On the way he met people who asked him where he was going to.


Hadhrath Rahmatullah Alaih picked up his umbrella and pointed towards the qiblah saying, ” I am going to makkah”. It seemed impossible to them that he was embarking on such a great journey witout any luggage. Outwardly it seemed as though he had nothing with him but in reality he possessed an enormous amount of trust (tawakkul) in Allah Ta’ala which brings the help in every step of life.


The entire trip cost Hadhrat Rahmatullah Alaih one thousand rupees. In those days it cost 75paisa ( 15cents ) to travel from Deoband to Delhi.

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