Joint Pain


  • Infectious diseases like mumps, rheumatic fever, measles, rubella, influenza, hepatitis, and chicken pox.
  • Other diseases including osteoarthritis, tendinitis, osteomyelitis, and sprain and fracture of the bones.
There are various pain relief remedies to heal joint pain. Let us take a look at some of them:
  • One of the most effective remedies which provide relief from joint pain is a hot water bath. A hot water bath provides heat to the affected bones and joints, thereby relieving pain.
  • Another effective remedy for relief from joint pain is to consume tea made of papaya seeds.
  • You could also use massage techniques for relief from joint pain. Massage some warm vinegar on the affected joints before you go to bed as it helps relieve joint pain. You can also use warm olive oil and camphor oil to massage your aching joints and relieve pain.
  • Another effective remedy for joint pain is the intake of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and as such, is known to provide relief from joint pain.
  • An intake of bananas restores the nutrient balance in the body, which can be one of the causes of joint pain.
  • You may also consume garlic cloves fried in butter. The medicinal properties of garlic provide relief from joint pain.
  • Consume carrot juice in order to strengthen your bones and ligaments, thereby preventing and curing joint pain.
  • An intake of apple cider vinegar also helps relieve joint pain.
  • You could also deploy aromatherapy to cure joint pain. You can use several essential oils including peppermint, cedar wood, eucalyptus, lavender, nutmeg, and sage essential oils to cure pain in the joints.
  • Obesity is one of the causes of joint pain. As such, keeping a check on your weight also helps prevent joint ache.
You must consult your orthopedist if you suffer from joint pain as it can be a symptom of other ailments which may have severe implications.


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