Just 2 days offline

Just 2 days offline,

We were all desperate,anxious and starting to whine!!

Checking every minute,even from our sleep

Searching for the blinky lite or listening for the beep

How nice if the same worry we could  show

To the Noble Qur’aan,&the Ahadeeth that glow

If we didn’t recite for even a single day

We would get desperate and sad in the very same way

How nice if the same anxiety we could show

To the beautiful” Sunnahs” that we all already know

If I stood and drank water today

I should be determined that should never replay

Rely on the 24hr service thats from the beginning of time

He is Allah the All Mighty,the Most Sublime
May Allah guide me ,u,one and all

because He’s network is fail proof and will never fall!!


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