BlackBerry Messenger Notice

Please read carefully***


BlackBerry Messenger Notice ***

1) BlackBerry Messenger is not shutting down.

2) BlackBerry Messenger is not blocked.

3) You cannot fix your BlackBerry phone by sending messages or broadcasts.

4) When you receive a message or broadcast saying that BlackBerry is blocked or going to shut down, ask the sender if they got the information from the official BlackBerry website (

If the sender says they received the message in a broadcast and is just passing it on, delete that person from your contacts list. They are obviously forwarding anything & everything and you will save yourself a lot of frustration later.

5) BlackBerry Messenger cannot be hacked.

6) The smileys (emoticons) on BlackBerry phones cannot be updated or changed by sending a message or a broadcast.

7) BlackBerry will not bother you with technical information updates or notifications through BlackBerry Messenger. All updates and technical information is published on the official BlackBerry website (

8- BlackBerry Operating System Software for your phone and BlackBerry Messenger Application Software CANNOT be updated or changed by sending a message. When the official software is updated, you can download it with the applications app on your phone.

Broadcast this to all your contacts so that the gullible people who believe anything they read can get informed and hopefully stop spreading lies and un-truths.

Kind Regards
BlackBerry Technical Services

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