BBM (Become Better Muslims)

BBM (Become Better Muslims)

Assalaamu Alaikum

To all my respected bbm users,

60% or more cellphone users are on BLACKBERRY and BBM.

You are one of them. (No offense to other phone brands)

BB & BBM are here to stay no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

If it is used for the right & correct purpose, then Alhamdulillah !
You will benefit and ……….

If you misuse & abuse this tool then be prepared for ………
B-bohot (many)
B-baree (major)
M-museebat (problems)

Some basic guidlines to all my loyal contacts :

*Scrutinize all your contacts. Keep only those clean-ones. DELETE all those you suspect to have evil intentions. This will be BEST & SAFE.

*Immediately delete all those who send obscene and filthy jokes.
Save yourselves from HARAAM.
*Do not have as contacts and chat with ANY ghair mahrams WHATSOEVER .
*Late night chatting proves very harmful. Time wasted and FAJR is missed.

Those who want to become better muslims are going to implement the above advice. Are you going to join them in doing the same ?

“Let’s keep BBM clean & safe !
BC if you are loyal & brave !”

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