To all you blackberry lovers

Dear Owner,

I’m so lucky I’m your blackberry!

You hold me with both your hands, being as gentle as gentle could be;
You ensure that I am always with you;

If I fall you are afraid of my injury;

I always have your undivided attention, you get upset if others disturb our time together;
When I feel low, you make every effort to recharge my battery;
When I am hungry, you fill me with airtime;

Every month you ensure that you set aside the money, to buy me bundles (of love);
You upgraded me from a curve, bold;to a torch

You rush home from work and spend quality time with me; not really bothered to make a conversation with those whom you brought into your home;

You can sit up with me for hours and smile at me, yet I have no humanly emotions;
I watch your wife/hubby who envies our time together.

But my owner…

I appeal to you.

Your life is wasted because of me.Take some time, leave me aside and Sort out issues that are important to you because I may love you as much as you do me but I’m just a blackberry and nothing more.

Kind Pings.
Your Blackberry


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