Maruf Karkhi Rahimahullah narrates that Dhunnun Misri Rahimahullah was once walking on the bank of a river, when he saw a scorpion moving hastily towards the water. He knew that a scorpion could not swim and decided to watch what will happen. In the meantime, a tortoise emerged from the water and came close to the bank. The scorpion jumped onto the back of the tortoise, which began to swim. Very surprised, he decided to follow the tortoise and scorpion. Finally, the tortoise reached the other end of the river and the scorpion jumped onto the bank.

The scorpion then continued on its way. The saint continued to follow the scorpion. After a while, he saw a young man sleeping beneath a tree and realized that the scorpion was moving towards him. Thinking that the scorpion would sting the sleeping man, he prepared himself to kill it. As he advanced, he saw a snake quickly moving towards the man. He was more surprised than ever. When the snake was close to the man, the scorpion hastened towards it and bit it. The snake began to toss and turn and died on the spot. The scorpion then returned from the direction it had come.

When Dhunnun Misri Rahimahullah saw this, he was quite moved and uttered the following couplet:

“O sleeping man, you sleep while Allah is protecting you from every evil that may arise from the darkness. How can sleep make the eyes oblivious of that king whose bounties come to you in abundance.”

The saint explained, “I was amazed at this spectacle of faith and began to think, OAllah, your servant was sleeping here. A snake was about to bite him and You sent a scorpion from such a distance to save him.”

I went close to the man and awakened him, only to find the stench of liquor emanating from his mouth. I said to him, “O young man, you were asleep but your sustainer was protecting you all along.”

When he arose to see the snake and heard my story, he began to cry saying, O Allah, I was astray and did not fear You, O Helper of the helpless! O Listener to those who call out for help! O Remover of calamities! You are that being Who is seventy times more loving than a mother! I had broken Your commands but you did not turn away from me. You showered me with so many bounties to protect me.

The young man sincerely repented and changed his life.

Allah used a scorpion and a tortoise in the most amazing manner to guide a sinner. What man regards as a mere coincidence is a carefully worked-out plan from Allah Ta’aala to avert calamity, disease, accident and misfortune.

Source: “Pearls from the path” Vol.1, Pg 116 ~Ml. Afzal Ismail~


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