Miswaak Or Toothpaste?

Mr. Imtiyaz (Master Dental Technologist & Cosmetic Ceramist Specialist at King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah) has provided the following information.

When a person has had a meal and then immediately brushes his teeth with toothpaste , it then takes between 5 to 10 minutes for a thin layer of glycol protein to form over the surfaces of the teeth.

Plaque however becomes easily attracted to this protein layer and so the formation of plaque buildup commences.
Using the miswaak has its merits and according to the british dental journal (can’t remember which edition) says that after brushing teeth with miswaak the glycol protein takes on average about 60 minutes to form on the tooth surface and hence delays the plaque formation.

This is a phenomenal breakthrough  in terms of dental health that some  tooth paste companies are extracting oils from the miswaak plant and adding it to their formulae in manufacturing their products.

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