Barakah in Time

Sometimes, I wonder how it was possible for the scholars of this Ummah to write such large works in a very short time. I mean, they had very little resources, no technology, etc. Yet, the work they produced will make our modern computers look feeble.
The following work is by Imām al-Sarakhsī al-Hanafī, whose work on Hanafī Fiqh is in 30 volumes.
The AMAZING thing about this piece of work is that it was compiled whilst he was imprisoned inside a well. His students would visit him there. Imām al-Sarakhsī would dictate the lesson to them and they would write it down. He didn’t have a single book on him during teaching from inside the well. Despite this, he was able to produce a 30 volume master piece, which is an encyclopaedia of the Hanafī jurisprudence, all strongly referenced. Subhanallah!
What kind of memories these people had! We can’t even begin to imagine. This was all a blessing because of their piety and their staying away from sins, especially the sin of the eye, which, sadly, is very common today.

– Shaykh Mohammad Yasir al-Hanafi

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