Shattering our Dear Children

At times, the death of a single soul becomes the means of the death and end of many family relationships. All it takes is one member of the family to unjustly take possession of the property of the deceased and there we have it – the heirs are at each other’s throats.

Parents should especially take note that every effort must be made to ensure that all their affairs are in order and totally clear, as well as that they instill deen in their children. Otherwise, the very empire that they leave behind will become a means of tearing their children apart and making them lifelong enemies.

Let us impress on our children the temporary nature of this world and the importance of the preparation for the Hereafter. Remind ourselves that let alone the property, not even the stolen title deeds will come with us into the grave. Unlawful wealth can never bring us happiness, especially if it has broken the hearts of others.

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