Five Components of Ta’leem in the Home , by Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (D.B)

Five Components of Ta’leem in the Home

Parenting is not just about telling the children a few stories and giving them your unwanted time. Have a system at home that by maghrib everyone must be home. After maghrib, there could be supper and then the family can sit down together as a family and carry out ta’leem.

Five things are recommended nowadays in this ta’leem, especially with the type of environment we have outside.

The first is to do the ta’leem of Fazaail-e-Aa’maal. This will assist to motivate and create the enthusiasm to carry out ‘ibaadat. It does not have to be dry. Rather, make it enjoyable and at the level of the children.

The second aspect after motivation is to understand how to go about doing those encouraged actions. For this you need Bahishti Zewar.

The third aspect is the recitation of the Quraan. There can be no substitute for this by putting on a CD or the radio. The child must not end the day without recitation of the Quraan. By reciting the kalaam of Allah Ta‘ala, He will take care of you.

The fourth is a short while of zikr. This will assist in inculcating taqwa. It will create the consciousness that Allah Ta‘ala is watching.

The fifth aspect is that since the challenges we face are so great we should make du‘aa collectively to Allah Ta‘ala to assist us. This is the greatest gift that a father can give to his child, that he has linked the child to Allah Ta‘ala. The child will not feel lost at any time in his life, whether the father is present or not.

We normally question why the home is not right and has jinnaat and jadoo problems.

This is the solution to all of these problems.

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