Extract from Letters of Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan Saheb Rahmatullahi Alaih

Intending to spend time in the path of Allah, a brother in Pakistan applied for a passport.

The order was issued (from the top) that his application should be turned down. He used to visit the passport office every 8 days & every time his request was turned down by the officials retorting:

“You are still adamant in spite of being refused on so many occasions!”

On one occasion, the officials fury had reached a point of indignation.

“Your application has been rejected but yet you insist on harassing us?” he said.

The applicant charged back:

“If I had applied considering you to be Allah, I would have never approached you. I believe Allah to be the true Allah – if He wills, I will get a passport.”

Without delay, an order was issued that he be granted a passport.

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