The Rights of Allah Ta‘ala and the Rights of the Family

Mother of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaani (hafizahullah) – Part Three

Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaani Saheb (hafizahullah) writes: “Allah Ta‘ala had blessed my mother with a passion for carrying out optional acts of worship. Until before she became bed-ridden, she would never miss her practices of Quraan recitation, du‘aa, zikr, tasbeeh and nafl (optional) salaah. From the break of dawn till mid-night, she would be busy seeing to the children, serving my father and taking care of her elderly mother-in-law, to such an extent that she would never get a break during this entire duration.

Yet her spiritual practices never suffered. These practices continued even after she became bed-ridden. When she became paralysed and even exempted from doing these practices, then too she would face the qiblah at the time of salaah and read whatever she could manage. A few days before her demise, whilst turning towards the qiblah, she had a second attack of paralysis and fell on to the bed. Whilst she was in this state of uneasiness, I saw her moving her hand, trying to look for something under her pillow.

I realised that she wanted her tasbeeh which used to be kept there. When I passed it to her, although she didn’t have the ability to recite with her tongue, she continuously moved the beads of the tasbeeh with her hand until she became unconscious. A few days later she left this world. Thus the last two things that she did whilst she was conscious were, turning to the qiblah for salaah, and moving the beads of the tasbeeh.” (Nuqooshe Raftagaa pg. 162)

Lesson: A famous statement declares: “As you live, so will you die.” Those who devoted their lives to Allah Ta‘ala, they eventually meet Allah Ta‘ala in such a wonderful way. If we also wish to have a wonderful death, let us start living an excellent life – a life that is free from sins and filled with righteous actions.

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