In the Name of Islam by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (رحمة الله عليه)

There is a sickness in society which has now reached epidemic proportions. It is so serious that it requires a repetition in its warnings to drive the point home.

Fitnahs abound, and the worst and most dangerous fitnah is that which takes the form and garb of Deen.

In the name and guise of Deen,Muslims are being invited to ‘Fund-raising’ programmes, lunches, dinners, Souks, pre-Ramadaan and Eid Fairs. Funds are being raised for Deeni projects in this manner.

The context of these programmes is ‘Fun’and ‘Entertainment’which entails socializing. The Muslim is encouraged to bring along wife, daughters, mother and sisters.

Since this is in the name of Deen, people consider it as Ibaadah (worship), something virtuous. …One can gauge how serious the matter is. The person is not going to make Taubah for this.

He is not going to consider the intermingling and the socializing as sinful, because the event is promoted as something meritorious and‘Halaal’, and because the invitation is from people and organizations that are representing Deen, and whom it is expected, would know better as to what is Haraam and Halaal.

‘What a kind of revolution!
That Ummah which detested Haraam, which stayed far
from that which is doubtful,
now has no fear indulging in Haraam.’

Even if people of Knowledge & Righteousness are involved in such activities or endorsing such programmes and is seen at such venues, this does not make Haraam, Halaal..

There are so many who are deendaar and they know better than to attend such programmes; their hearts will give them the fatwa :‘Don’t go’ – then why still go? …

Thereafter complaints are presented of the immodest dressing of the women, the intermingling of sexes, the disconcerting condition of the youth, etc.…

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