Woman’s Chastity Draws Divine Mercy

Once the city of Delhi was afflicted by a severe drought. All the Ulama of the area gathered in an open field to pray to Allah Azza Wajal for rain. Many men, women and children accompanied them, and their animals were taken along as well. From the early morning until Asr, they stood out in the burning sun and prayed, “O Allah Azza Wajal, we are in a drought, please send us rain through Your mercy.” But, there was no sign of rain. 

A young man was passing by and saw the huge gathering. He stopped his conveyance and asked, “Why have you people gathered here?” 

They replied, “We have been here from early morning, praying for rain. We have cried and begged Allah Azza Wajal. Even the little children have been calling out in desperation. The entire day has passed like this, but, the mercy of Allah Azza Wajal has not descended upon us.” 

The young man remarked, “I see. Allow me a few minutes to pray to Allah Azza Wajal as well.” He proceeded to his conveyance, where he began to pray. Immediately, the clouds gathered and it began to rain. The Ulama were astounded and hastened towards him to find out who he was. He was undoubtedly a mustajabut da’wat (one whose duas are readily accepted by Allah).
They asked the young man, “Please advise what prayer you made.” 

The young man replied, “My mother is seated on this conveyance. She is such a pure and chaste woman, that no strange man has ever seen her and vice versa. I took hold of a corner of her garment and prayed to Allah Azza Wajal, ‘O Allah, I am the son of this pure woman. If her chastity holds any status in your sight, please send down the rains to your servants.’ Due to this, Allah Azza Wajal sent down the rains.”

Moral: Allah Azza Wajal readily accepts the du’as of those who obey Him.

Reference : Pearls from the Path, Volume 2;  p64; Muslims at Work Publications; 2010 , via www.Tablighuddeen.Com

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