The Posture of Sleeping

If an action is done according to Sunnah with the intention of Sunnah, a person will be rewarded as long as he remains in that action.

The average person sleeps eight hours a day.

That equals to twenty years if he lives for sixty years. If this person has to sleep according to Sunnah then automatically he will be rewarded for twenty years of his life.

Bara Bin Aazib RadhiyAllahu Ta’ala ‘Anhu narrates: “When Nabi SallAllahu alaihi wa sallam would go to bed, He would lie on his right hand side.” (Bukhari)

If a person will practice upon this along with the sleeping Du’aa then insha Allah his sleep will be an Ibaadat.

Secondary benefits:

* This posture aids a person in awakening without much difficulty.

* One does not go into a deep sleep because the heart remains suspended.

* Sleeping on the left side puts pressure on the heart.

* This posture reminds one of life in the grave as this will be the posture therein.

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