Zam Zam Water

16.10.2011 Saudi Gazette:

No matter how exhausted we are, a drink of cold invigorating Zamzam water miraculously makes us experience a burst of energy. Scientists are discovering some of the secrets in Zamzam water’s power to replenish the body.After conducting extensive research of the chemical and physical properties of Zamzam water, Dr. Hamdi Saif at Alexandria University concluded that Zamzam is the best water on the face of the earth.


He found that it contains the perfect balance of electrolytes and also essential trace minerals that are very important for good health.


In addition, it is naturally clean and pure, and free of even a single pathogenic microorganism.“Zamzam water is extremely useful in aiding the treatment of kidney and heart diseases, eye problems, migraine headaches, and a number of other chronic conditions,” said Dr. Saif.Zamzam water was analyzed across laboratories in the Arab world and in Europe and was compared to regular bottled water from several countries.


Disclosing the results of analysis, Dr. Saif said, “Unlike any other water, Zamzam contains a good amount of calcium, magnesium, and fluoride. It is the unique properties that make Zamzam water so invigorating for fatigued pilgrims.”“We also found that Zamzam is safe to drink has no expiration date. Zamzam water is 100 percent natural and there is no chlorine in it, nor is it chemically treated in any way,” he said.

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