Curry Smells and fresh coriander

* Curry smells can be strong and while they are great when you’re cooking and hungry, they are less then desirable when you’re done with your meal. In other words, you don’t want to keep smelling the curry you made yesterday, for the rest of the week!


What to do? Simply place a small, uncovered bowl of soda bicarbonate in a corner on the kitchen counter. It will absorb all the smells and leave your kitchen (and therefore the rest of your house) free of cooking smells.


* Fresh coriander is often used in Indian dishes as an ingredient during the preparation of a dish or as a garnish after the dish is ready. It is however, not always easily available.


It also perishes quickly. The next time you buy fresh coriander, keep it fresh for longer by chopping off the roots and then wrapping the leaves in a sheet of newspaper. Store in the crisper section of your refrigerator.

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