Urine Drops During Salaah

Many people complain that while going in Rukoo’, Sajdah or sitting in Tashah’hud, they feel that some urine drops come out. It is not a disease, rather it just needs more precautions for a better Tahaarah.

After passing urine, we come out of the toilet quickly, if you are using a WC (chair type commode), don’t stand up immediately after urination, wait for 5 minutes & you will notice that some drops will come out, these are the drops that disturb in Salaah.

It is better to clean yourself properly & then stand up, walk for 2 ~ 3 minutes so that the remaining drops travel down & clean yourself again. Some people suffer with Urinary tract infections & they need to repeat the cleaning twice or thrice before performing Wadhoo.

We have observed that Barley bread, Barley Water, Nabeez & vinegar help to solve the problem of urine drops.

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