Sunnats of Ghusl

Sunan Of Ghusl

-To make Niyyah (intention).

– To wash the hands up to the wrists.

-To wash the private parts and the parts of the body where there is najâsat (impurity).

-To make a complete wudû.

-To pour water over the entire body thrice.

Faraaidh (compulsory acts) of Ghusl Bath

There are three farâidh in ghusl:

1.     To gargle the mouth in such a way that water reaches every part of the body.

2.     To put water into the nose to such an extent that it reaches the soft bone.

3.     To pour water over the entire body.

NOTE: One must ensure that water reaches every part of the body; otherwise the ghusl will be incomplete.


Ghusal become faradh if any one if the followings is present:

1.     Discharge of semen accompanied by sexual lust, whether such discharge be while sleeping or while awake.

2.     Semen was found on the clothing or on the body upon awakening, whether one remembers having nocturnal emission/a wet dream or not.

3.     On inserting the penis/male organ into any one of the two private parts.

4.     After haidh (menses/monthly discharge of blood by females).

5.     After nifaas (post child birth discharge).

6.     If any of the above were experianced by a non-Muslim, then on accepting Islam, ghusal remains faradh.



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