The miracle of Tawaf and Zamzam

The miracle of Tawaf and Zamzam
MAKKAH: In what a doctor described as a miracle, a pilgrim from Somalia has regained his ability to hear and speak some 29 years after he lost both senses when he was shot during the turbulence in his homeland.
Ali Abdula Rahman Sharif said his hearing and speaking abilities started to appear gradually Saturday after he finished Tawaf Al- Qudoom, the first circling of Holy Ka’ba, and drank Zamzam water.
He said that about 29 years ago, when he was working as an accounting manager, he was shot during the civil war in his country and lost his ability to speak and hear.
He decided to move to Great Britain , where he consulted a number of specialist doctors, but they told him there was no hope and that he would never hear or speak again.
“I decided not to go back to Somalia , the place where I lost those very precious senses, and lived in Britain with my wife and my four sons,” he said. “I have benefited a lot from
the special centers and societies for disabled people and learned the sign and body languages.
The authorities at those centers also provided me with an identity card for disabled people to facilitate communicating with others.”
“Alhamdolillah, now I don’t need such a card. After I finished my Tawaf around Ka’ba, the most sacred figure in the world, I removed my Ihram and drank some cups of Zamam water.
Then I headed toward the WC area in the southern piazzas of Grand Mosque. After I went out of the WC area, I was shocked when I could hear the voice of the muezzin calling for Fajr (dawn) prayer. I hurriedly rushed toward my colleagues and mates in the group and told them ‘I can hear. I can hear.’ I could notice the mixture of extreme surprise and happiness on their faces,” he said.
Abdul Samad Muhammad, Director of the Haj Mission, said he was totally surprised to see Sharif speaking and hearing.
Muhammad pointed out that during the journey from Britain to Jeddah, Sharif was used to write down when he wanted to communicate with the flight attendants. “I could not believe what happened until I personally listened to Sharif talking and communicating with me and the others like any normal person,” he said.
“We took him to Ajyad Hospital in Makkah to check his hearing and speaking and the doctors diagnosed them as very normal and healthy.”
Dr. Mohammad Ghazali, an ENT specialist, said this is a very rare case, a miracle and the will of Allah. “Some deaf patients can retrieve their sense of hearing within no more than six months, but Sharif’s case is very unique,” Ghazali added.
– Saudi Gazette

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