INDIANS are so easy to identify!

INDIANS are so easy to identify!

• You try to reuse gift wrap, gift boxes and of course foil!

• You are always standing next to the 2 largest suitcases at the Airport!

• You arrive 1 or 2 hours late at a function and think its normal!

• The whole family has nicknames which sound nowhere close to their real names!

• You take Indian food everywhere it says “No Food Allowed”!

• You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone’s house!

• You load up the car with as many people as possible!

• Your parents tell you not to care what your friends think but you shouldn’t do certain things because of what other “aunties and uncles” might think!

• You buy display crockery, which is never used,  as it is for special occasions, which never ever happen!

• You fight over who pays the dinner bill but inside you know you don’t mind the other person paying!

• When your parents meet strangers and talk for a few minutes, you discover they’re talking to distant cousins!

• You have bed sheets over your sofa’s to keep them clean!

•Its embarrassing when your wedding has less than 700 people!

• All your Tupperwares are stained with food colour.

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