Status of Women

Imagine a person who manufactured two models of a certain item. Model ‘A’ has much more features than model ‘B’. The reasons for him doing so are obviously known best by him. Being the inventor, he will specify the exact usage and benefits of model ‘A’ and model ‘B’.

Likewise, Allah Ta’ala created man and woman, both in different capacities. He sent a kitab explaining the different roles and functions of each one. The reason for doing so is known best by Allah, The Supreme, Perfect and Most wise, and none has the authority to question His decision.



Both man and woman are equal with regard to respect, honour, reward etc. In fact, Islam has given women such an honour, that an entire chapter of the Holy Quran has been dedicated to them. Not only did Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) intercede on their behalf, even Almighty Allah Ta’ala Himself has commanded men to be kind to them. In fact, Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has declared: “The best among you is the one who is best to his wife”.



However, it is a reality that men and women are not identical. There definitely exists a difference between them. One possible reason for such a difference is to enable a harmonious, loving and lasting bond between husband and wife. Had both been identical in every respect, this would be an impossible task. This difference is not only restricted to a man and woman. Rather in every sphere of life; be it wealth, power, respect etc. there always exists a difference between people. This is the divine wisdom of Allah Ta’ala. Otherwise, there would have been total mayhem and confusion in the world.



Indeed, it is due to having disregarded the separate roles of men and women that Europe, America and other westernised countries are witnessing the destruction of their societies. Broken families, abandoned children, single parents, morally deprived children, suicides are all a direct result of the man-made concoction of ‘gender equality’. What our creator; Almighty and All Wise Allah Ta’ala had designed to be a harmonious pair, has been reduced to two equal counterparts, both fighting for dominance, with the children bearing the brunt of the fight and the woman often becoming a mental wreck in the process.



When the differences between man and woman are as evident as broad daylight, the advocators of women liberation are only fooling themselves. Which professional sports team in the entire world has half males and half females? Which army in the world has exactly the same number of women as men fighting in the front line of the battlefield? Have we ever wondered why there never was a boxing or wrestling match where a man contested a woman? Why is it considered chivalrous for a man to open the door for his wife and not vice versa? The list of examples can go on… All the above clearly ‘shouts out’ that, “Gender equality is a farce!”



In Western society it is regarded as cruel and unjust for a woman to be left at home to take care of household chores. To prepare meals for her husband and children is regarded as something ‘against equality’. To clean the house is slavery. Funny enough, the champions of this so called ‘liberation’ have absolved women from these acts of slavery, only to enslave them into cooking and serving food in restaurants, as air hostesses on aircrafts and as cleaners in hotels. That woman who was the Queen of her home, is dragged out of her home, undressed, made to slog, forced to put up with dirty looks and advances and compelled to tolerate many other injustices just to fill the pockets of her employer in the name of liberation? According to statistics, the majority of working women in the United States have been harassed by their male bosses. Is this any kind of liberation???



Let us take a cursory glance at some of the evils that the fallacy of gender equality has bred:


Instead of improving the quality of life for women, it has only turned life into a misery for them. Added responsibilities, extended working hours, abuse, etc. has made their life chaotic.

Broken marriages: Countless marriages have broken down or are on the verge of breaking down. While there are many reasons for the escalating rate of divorce, a major contributing factor is the unnatural situation brought about by the notion of gender equality.

Delinquent children: Since both parents no longer have any time for their children, they have no direction, system or values in life.

Harassment and rape.

Total destruction of society: Individuals make up a society. The “gender equality” farce has led to various social ills, among which is the degeneration of morals. Once morals are completely eroded, the society is destroyed.



No matter how educated or affluent a woman may be, she still requires the support of a man. This is the system of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran, “They (your wives) are an outer garment for you and you are an outer garment, (a covering) for them”. Just as a man needs a woman for his comfort and solace, similarly every woman is dependant upon and requires the support of a man. This is also necessitated by the fact that a woman is weaker than a man.



Our Deen is not the invention of any human. It is Divine. Therefore, every injunction is perfect and complete. It is absolutely flawless. The commands are in perfect harmony with the nature of man. As long as they are adhered to, there will be no problems of this nature. Let us examine the conditions of society prior to the forged farce of gender equality. Every woman was happy and living a comfortable life. Their respect was not at stake. They were not reduced to commercial advertising material or public property, free to every person. Children grew up healthy and with good values. Society consisted of good, upright and honest people. Marriages breaking up were almost not heard of. Even among non Muslims, fornication was frowned upon. In our beautiful Deen, in many cases, women are at an advantage compared to men. Many deeds are such, that women receive equal reward compared to men, but with much lesser effort. However, Allah Ta’ala has divinely granted men authority over them. Together with that, Allah Ta’ala himself has instructed men to treat them kindly. Allah Ta’ala declares: “And men enjoy a superiority over women”. In another verse, Allah Ta’ala says, “Men have been given authority over women”. It is impossible that Allah Ta’ala and our kind, compassionate Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) would give any command which is unfair and unjust.


Source :

Official Site Of Madrassah Taleemuddeen

Isipingo-Durban-South Africa


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