Why is EVERYTHING unislamic SO appealing to the Ummah ?

​Ml Khalid Dhorat 

The sad reality is that even though many of us abstain from that which is prohibited, yet we still secretly love it. Why, why, why?

Even though we abstain from drinking wine, we imitate the manner in which wine is drunk…. Hence, we find it enjoyable to have our halaal drinks in wine glasses. We prefer juices that appear in bottles that resemble wine bottles too. Why, why, why ?

In recent times, many Muslim women are donning the Sari (the traditional dress of Hindu women). According to many scholars, this is prohibited. So what do we do??? We can’t wear a sari, so we design a “Sari Abbaya” to resemble the look of a Sari!!! Will hindus ever design an abbaya sari?? I doubt it very much!!! 

Then further, we have become proud to display Kuffaar names on our Islamic garments: Christian Dior, Guess, Burberry, Levis, and the list goes on…..

We can’t listen to music, so we add music to Islamic songs and make ourselves believe that music is acceptable in songs which praise اللّـه  Ta’ala and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasalam), in the guise of nasheeds. Why, why, why?

We can’t use nail polish, so we invent “Halaal” nail polish, calling it “peel off mendhi”.

We cover our hair with a scarf, but magnify our beauty with makeup and the huge hump-like shela on our heads, and covered with a very colourful scarf. 

Men suddenly love beards because beards are in fashion nowadays, but they don’t want to don the Sunnah beard. They want to look like a “cool dude” in a trimmed beard. Why, why, why?

When last did you see a youngster with a decent haircut? All haircuts of today are cut in varying lengths according to fashion. Why, why, why?

Ponder people !!! Have we lost the plot, why the inferiority complex ???

Its not toooo late to get it back!!! CHANGE NOW.

May اللَّهُ Ta’ala grant us the true understanding of our DEEN.

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