​The Blockage of Sins

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By Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Is`haq Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum)
Sometimes a car engine does not seem to get enough fuel or any fuel. The problem can be due to different reasons: a blocked fuel line or fuel filter or some fault with the fuel pump or carburettor.

We know that the fuel lines control and regulate the flow of fuel. If it is clogged or blocked, there is difficulty to start the car since fuel does not make its way to the engine. The engine generally does not restart until the blockage is removed. A blocked fuel line also results in smoke since the fuel overflows. If there is some leak and contact with an ignition source, such as the engine, then this results in smoke and can be dangerous, even causing a fire.

In the light of this example, we can draw parallels to the consequences of our indulgence in sins.

Sometimes a sin, for which there was no repentance, creates a blockage at the time of death. Due to commission of sins, persistence in sins, and not making sincere Taubah, the spiritual heart becomes clogged and blocked. This creates great difficulty at the time of death. There is no free flow for the Kalima Tayyibah to be recited and for the soul to leave the body with ease.

Sometimes the blockage of sins become so dangerous for one’s Imaan that it prevents the person from reading the Kalima and this results in having to come into contact with the smoke and fire of Jahannum – in the Qabr and in the Aakhirah. Allah Ta’ala save us all.

It is therefore necessary to engage in Taubah and Istighfaar daily. Through the blessings of Taubah and Istighfaar, these sins which would otherwise create blockages for an easy death, are removed.

Hazrat Maulana Shah Wasiullaah (RA) had said so beautifully in poetry:

‘Is tarah se tai ki manzile, chale, gire, uthe, chale’

“We journeyed to Allah Jalla Jalalaaluhu in this way: We crawled, fell, got up, walked!”

Let us not stay stuck in the filth, dirt and grime of sins. Repair the “car” (heart and soul) with Taubah, and continue on your journey, in piety, to Him.

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