Thrill with some Frill

Masha-Allah, while we may have the noble desire to listen to the talks of deen, however, the question to ask ourselves is, “What is our intention”? If it is to change our lives and to become better Muslims, then we will definitely be prepared to hear what we need to hear. On the other hand, Allah Ta‘ala protect us, if we seek to entertain ourselves, then we will only hear what we want to hear.

Really, we cannot allow our deen to become a mere thrill with some frill. If someone is truly concerned about his health, he will adhere to the advice of one doctor and at times refer to a specialist for a second opinion. However, nobody will visit every doctor in town in order to enjoy different coloured syrups and tablets. Such foolishness will bring about further complications, rather than any cure. Our spiritual health is many times more delicate and sensitive. Listening to a single poisonous word could leave us spiritually dead.

Hence, instead of listening to the talks of anyone and everyone, watching videos of the most thrilling motivational speakers on YouTube, chasing after variety, confusing our taste buds, digesting nothing and practising nil, we rather hold firmly to the teachings of a few reliable, Allah-fearing and sunnah-adhering ‘Ulama who will not only tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear.

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