I don’t have my ‘Eid Clothes yet!

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“The last ten days are already here. I haven’t found my ‘eid clothes as yet! I walked from one side of the mall to the other … shop to shop till I dropped … You name it and I saw it. One whole day got wasted in Overport … forget an outfit, I didn’t even find a decent cloak. I got my last chance … I might get lucky at the ‘Eid Fair. As for these two ‘scamps’, I just don’t know what I am going to do for their second outfit. Don’t talk about their ‘eid pyjamas. I can’t understand how I am going to manage to finish my khatam, and still do all the baking. ‘Eid is at my mother-in-law’s place this year.”

Does this ring a bell? We need not waste our Ramadhaan in this way. Let us try to complete our errands before Ramadhaan and keep ourselves as free as possible. In this way we can maximise on the ‘great bargains’ that have been promised in this ‘mega sale’.

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