Switch-off the Screen

Nowadays a calculated effort is being made to remove the concept of the Hereafter from the minds of our children. Hence many children now “listen” with their eyes. If there is no visual picture in front of them, they switch off, lose focus and they do not wish to hear anything.

Their robotic lives revolve from the cell screen to the pc screen to the forbidden tv screen to the big screen. Their minds have been bombarded with photography to such an extent that they have become dependent solely on their vision. This has caused their minds to become so inactive that it refuses to think. Gone are the days when a passage could be read to a child, and the child’s mind would be picturing it, understanding the concepts and deriving lessons.

We need to switch off the screen and protect our children from becoming screen-slaves, so that the reality of the Hereafter, the unseen, enters their hearts.

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