1.Alhamdulillah, this servant has not left behind any outstanding debts.
2. I have made Maulana Mazhar Saheb the owner of all the items that I am currently using. Maulana Mazhar Saheb has loaned these items to me, hence I am using them. The laws of inheritance will not apply to these items. Maulana Mazhar Saheb is also the owner of the blessed frames that are on the walls (of the Khanqah), and the same ruling will apply to these items as explained above.
3. The bags of cash that are labelled “gifts of the servant (i.e. Hadrat Wala)” will be distributed according to the Shari’ee law of inheritance. My son will receive two shares and my daughter will receive one share. The Shari’ee law of inheritance will also apply to my money that is kept by Sayyid Ishrat Jameel, after discharging the Fidya of the Salaah and Fasts that are outstanding.
4. I make a Wasiyyat (bequest) for myself, family members, and close associates that every moment of one’s life should be sacrificed in pleasing Allah Ta’ala; and one should not displease Allah Ta’ala for a single moment by indulging in any form of Haraam. If one commits an error, then one should please Allah Ta’ala by repenting, seeking forgiveness and crying before Allah Ta’ala.
5. One should always remain in the companionship of the pious, and one should always remain under the guidance of such a Sheikh with whom he is compatible.
6. One should adopt extreme piety in financial matters, and refer to the Muftis in issues pertaining to the Masaa’il of Shariah.
7. One should continuously make an effort to propagate my publications so that I may continue reaping the rewards, and my children should spend their entire life in the service of Deen. If they do get involved in business, then selling of Kitaabs should be given priority, and selling medication should be secondary.
8. I must be buried in the town where I have passed away.
9. Make a habit of continuously reciting Surah Ikhlaas thrice and passing over the rewards to my soul, and seeking forgiveness on my behalf.
10. Maulana Mazhar Miya Saheb should lead my Janazah Salaah.
11.The Janazah should be buried as soon as possible. The chest should face towards the Qibla when lowered in the grave in accordance to Sunnah, and abstain from the custom of exposing my face to the people.       


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