The tolerance and caution of Hadhratjee Moulana In`aamul Hasan Sahib (rahmatullahi alaih)


A dentist from Bombay related his personal encounter with Hadhratjee Moulana In`aamul Hasan Sahib (rahmatullahi alaih):
“Once, Hadhratjee (rahmatullahi alaih) stopped over in Bombay during the course of a journey for one night. I had received a request in advance that Hadhratjee required a pair of dentures to be prepared. Alhamdulillah, within that one night the dentures were prepared and ready for fitting. After Fajr Salaah, I went to the musjid where Hadhratjee was and I fitted it for him. 
An hour later, Hadhratjee departed and continued on his journey. Generally, a new pair of dentures troubles a person and causes discomfort. However, I did not get the chance of setting it correctly. Upon his return from the journey, Hadhratjee went directly to Delhi. 
It was only a year later that Hadhratjee came back to Bombay. Upon meeting him, I asked him about his well being and then asked regarding the dentures. Hadhratjee replied, ‘It is fitting me, but there is some discomfort & pain; I then asked, ‘And since when have you been experiencing the discomfort?’ Hadhratjee replied, ‘For the past one year.’ I was shocked and amazed that Hadhratjee patiently bore the discomfort and did not get it set by a dentist in Delhi. 
Hence, I asked him, ‘Why did you then not go to a dentist in Delhi?’ Hadhratjee replied, ‘How could I have got it set? Another dentist would not have completed the setting without finding a fault in your work and without expressing his greatness. And I did not want anyone to find a fault in your work. Therefore, I tolerated the pain. Now you may set it.’” 
(Sawaanih Hadhratjee Moulana In`aamul Hasan Sahib , vol 3, p. 485)


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