Pleasure of flying the Aeroplane

Always wondering the pleasure of flying the aero plane a airplane cleaner came early morning to clean the plane and saw a book “How to fly an aeroplane for beginners. Part I” on pilot’s seat.
He opened the book and started reading, “First Press the green button on right to start the engine.”

Well he did and the engine started.

He flipped to page 2 and it read Press purple button to start airplane moving on runway.”

He did and airplane started moving and catching up the speed.

He went to third page and it read, press the red button to take off the plane in air.”

He did and plane was flying. He started turning the pilot’s wheel and plane started circling, going up and down and was having lots of fun. He decided before any one knows to land the plane, go home and brag to his friends.”

He went to next page and it read in red “To land the plane successfully go to the nearby store and buy Part II for beginners.”

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