To openly sin and be proud of it…

To openly sin and be proud of it is the lowest level one could possibly stoop to in this regard.

Some people no longer mind sinning in full view of the public and then bragging about it as though they have achieved the “sin”. They are quick to tell those who advise them, not to be judgemental.

A growing number who sin in private too, later proudly relate their sins to others as though they have “succeeded”! This promotes vice and makes it fairseeming to others too, encouraging them to engage in the same.

Those who describe in a proud manner how they committed adultery, went to the night club, flirted with others, drugged themselves or others, cheated or deceived others etc cannot expect the Blessings of the Almighty until they truly repent.

The Messenger pbuh says, “My entire Ummah will be forgiven besides those who openly sin (promote sin & brag about it).” This is also because the chances of them realising the depth of their sin become slimmer the more they go on about it.

To achieve the Mercy of the Almighty we should abstain from sin to begin with. If we fall into it, never speak about it but rather, repent immediately directly to your Maker and you will find Him Most Forgiving Most Merciful.

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