The Sacrifices in the Life of Hazrath Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) – mp3. Part: 3, 4 & 5


by: Moulana Zahir Karim

Part 3
– First son born at the age of 86, Left his wife and infant child in the barren land of Makkah, The blessed well of Zamzam, One of the greatest tests in the history of mankind.
Duration: 00:28:31 – Format: MP3 – Size: 11.5 MB

Part 4
Angels in the form of humans, Glad tidings of Hazrat Ishaq alaihis salam at the age of 100, Hazrat Ismaeel alaihis salam’s upbringing, The complaining wife & change your door step.
Duration: 00:22:04 – Format: MP3 – Size: 8.63 MB

Part 5
Construction of the House of Allah, How Allah gives life to the dead, Demise at the age of 200, The most important lesson of his life ‘Submission’.
Duration: 00:24:22 – Format: MP3 – Size: 9.52 MB



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