Young,Tender Animal

Just like how we like and enjoy to slaughter a  young tender, healthy, frisky  animal for our Qurbaani and not an old animal which is already close to death,


So too Allah ta’ala LOVES a young person , with everything going for him ie health , wealth , cellphone , car etc but he sacrifices his haraam desires to please Allah ta’ala.


He puts the knife on the neck of his nafs and allows the blood of his  evil/haraam desires to flow for the  pleasure of Allah ta’ala then just as the horizon turns red first then only the sun rises,


so too once he has turned his heart red with the blood of his haraam desires then Allah will cause the SUNs of his mohabbat to rise in that heart.


(Ml Yunus Patel Saab Rahmatullah Alaih)

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