​Inspirational Advice Securing the Assistance of Allah Ta‘ala 

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The Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) were supported with tremendous divine assistance from the side of Allah Ta‘ala. Hence there were many occasions wherein they encountered the enemy and very swiftly made them flee after just a few moments.

On one occasion, the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) defeated a Roman army in battle. When the defeated Roman army returned to Hercules (the Roman leader who was in Antioch), he exclaimed, “Woe to you! Inform me of these people whom you encountered in battle. Are they not humans, the same as you?” The soldiers submitted, “Certainly, they are.” Hercules then asked, “Were you greater in number or did they outnumber you?” “No! We vastly outnumbered them at every instance!” admitted the soldiers. Hercules finally asked, “Then what is the matter with you? Why is it that you always suffer defeat when you encounter them?”

On hearing this question, one of their leaders, who was advanced in age, replied, “The one reason is that they perform salaah the entire night and fast during the day, they fulfill their promises, enjoin righteousness, forbid from evil and they exercise justice with one another. The other reason is that we, on the other hand, drink wine, fornicate, perpetrate all forms of forbidden actions, break our promises, wrongfully snatch the wealth of people, oppress others, enjoin that which draws the wrath of Allah Ta‘ala and prohibit that which draws His pleasure, and we spread corruption and mischief in the earth.”

When Hercules heard this answer, he acknowledged that it was correct and said, “What you have told me is the truth.” (Al-Bidaayah wan Nihaayah vol. 7 pg. 157)


1. Every single system, means and power in the world is under the control of Allah Ta‘ala. If a person has the divine assistance and support of Allah Ta‘ala, he will fear no enemy and every enemy will fear him. Such a person will receive success in every walk of life as he perpetually carries with him the assistance of Allah Ta‘ala. On the contrary, when a person commits sins and distances himself from the mercy and help of Allah Ta‘ala, then the effect of being deprived of Allah Ta‘ala’s divine assistance is immediately seen as this person becomes fearful and cowardly and is easily overawed by a display of power and means.

2. Marching, protesting, signing petitions and other similar strategies are mere means which are ineffective when compared to the power of one linking himself to that Being whose power is infinite and encompasses all the means and strategies of the world.

3. Any adverse conditions which we undergo such as crime, natural and man-made disasters, etc., are all a result of us committing such sins that draw the wrath and anger of Allah Ta‘ala. Instead of treating the symptoms, let us treat the root cause and repent to Allah Ta‘ala for all our sins and firmly resolve to bring about a change in our lives.

4. While the apparent means within the limits of sharee‘ah will be adopted, these means will be of no avail and will not bring the desired outcome if they are not accompanied by the real means – the spirituality and obedience which draw down divine assistance. Therefore, the latter is of greater importance and should be given prior attention.

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